Spring Boot
August 22, 2023

Spring Context: Bean Scope and Lifecycle

Overview Spring offers multiple approaches to create beans and manage their lifecycles, referred to as scopes in the Spring world. In this article, we will delve into two common scopes you often encounter in Spring applications: singleton and prototype. Singleton is the default scope for a bean in Spring. And now, we will start with […]

Java, Spring Boot
August 15, 2023

Usage of Spring Properties File

Introduction Properties files enable you to configure and update your application with different settings separately. You can define and utilize multiple properties files within your application. In this article, we will demonstrate how to define properties files and how to retrieve values from them within your application. Let’s begin by categorizing the usage of properties […]

Java, Spring Boot
July 31, 2023

Spring Boot @Transactional: Rollback and Propagation Strategies

What Is a Transaction? A “transaction” is a fundamental concept in the field of database management and refers to a sequence of one or more operations that are executed as a single unit of work. In the context of databases, a transaction ensures that a group of database operations is performed in an all-or-nothing manner, […]

Mastering the Spring BeanFactory: Practical Steps and Core Concepts

1. Introduction This article will focus on mastering the Spring BeanFactory API. The Spring Framework’s core component, Spring BeanFactory, is in charge of overseeing the creation, configuration, and lifecycle of objects (beans) within an application. It serves as a container that offers inversion of control and dependency injection, which makes it simpler to manage and arrange […]

Obfuscate Spring Boot Applications with Proguard Maven Plugin

ProGuard ProGuard is an open-sourced Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier. As a result, ProGuard processed applications and libraries are smaller, faster, and somewhat hardened against reverse engineering. (Proguard Manual) ProGuard is an open-source and free tool that allows you to shrink, optimize and obfuscate Java-based codes. It detects unused classes, fields, methods, […]